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Bonk 3: Big Adventure (Super CD)

Bonk 3: Big Adventure (Super CD)

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Used, Not Graded, Buy qty 4
$200.00 cash / $230.00 store credit


Product Information
Aaagh! What's that Evil King drool doing back in the Dinosaur Kingdom?! Didn't Bonk get rid of him last time? Guess not, huh? Now it's up to our skull-splitting, head-butting, rock-smashing, monster-bashing prehistoric hero Bonk to put an end to Drool's dastardly deeds once and for all! Watch Bonk grown into huge fire-breathing Bonk or shrink into the Mini-Size Bonk and take on tons of cool new enemies like RocketMan, Robo Turtle and Crazy Lady. Or how about smashing up a few Booga Boogas or Snippies along the way. It's the ultimate bash-o-rama!

This CD version of Bonk 3 has all of the fun of the Bonk 3 cartridge plus all-new CD sound and a brand new Versus mode!

Extra Info

Box Text: Bonk 3 CD: Big Adventure
Genre: 3D Hunting
Developer: Hudson Soft
Title: Bonk 3 CD: Big Adventure
Players: 1 to 2 Players
Release Data:
Platform: Turbo Grafx CD & Turbo Duo
Notes: New! Versus Mode (only on CD version)
Release Date: