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Dark Eldar (Warhammer 40000) - Codex

Dark Eldar (Warhammer 40000) - Codex

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Hellions, 3 points less.  Raiders, 5 points less, and can Deep Strike for no additional cost; Venoms Deep Strike, too, and stayed the same price.  Reavers, 6 points less, and my friend Patrick Eibel might be glad to learn that their tres-annoying bladevanes, which hack-n-slashed enemy units the Reavers flew through in the Movement Phase, has been changed. That's the good news for him: the bad news is that now, bladevanes are a S4 Hammer of Wrath attack, and they Rend as well.  And those cluster caltrops I used in conjunction with the bladevanes?  They do d6 S6 HoW attacks, and they Rend, too.  And Reavers, btw, now Hit and Run.  Chortle!  


Scourges, 6 points less.  Razorwing Jetfighters, 15 points less, and now they're Fast Attack (and still Flyers, of course).  My favorite Heavy Support choice, the Talos, has gone up 20 points a pop and lost its d6 Attacks, settling at 3, but it does comes standard-equipped with Feel No Pain, and you can take three in a slot, for those of us dinosaurs still following the Force Organization Chart.  Same thing with the Cronos, the Talos' soul-sucking cousin.  Squeee like a frenzied tween!