About Us

Wii Play Games is an independently owned and operated retro video game and hobby store, We have 2 locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and we are dedicated to the love and enjoyment of games and pop culture collectables. We stock classic video games, systems, and their accessories from Atari to XBox and feature one of the largest selections of board games, trading card games and tcg singles in Las Vegas.

We provide gamers of all ages a top-quality, one-stop shop for all of their gaming needs. We have a large selection of the coolest video game themed collectibles, t-shirts, plushies, soundtracks, an so much more. We host all types of awesome in-store events and tournaments for Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon and strive to provide open gaming space for table top and board gaming.

Our retail stores are expanding quickly and our selection is constantly growing so we are proud to present this amazing online store to make our inventory available to gamers nationwide.

If you are ever in Las Vegas, please stop by and check out our main location.

Wii Play Games
3310 S. Nellis Blvd, Suite #10
Las Vegas, NV 89121


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