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Richard the Lionheart

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From the publisher:

Richard the Lionheart is a medieval man-to-man skirmish game that recreates the crusades with all their diversity of warriors, tactics, and leadership. Using a step by step scenario system that gradually introduces you to the rules, you will soon be fighting encounters between Muslim and Christian in the Holy Land. Whether you are fighting to allow baggage train through or simulating a battle Richard the Lionheart and Saladin and their bodyguard troops this game allows the cavalry and infantry tactics of the period to be accurately portrayed and resolved.

With 6 full color geomorphic map boards, hundreds of counters of different troop types from the noble Hospitilar knights to Bedouin tribesmen, colour cut-out village card and other components, this game is not so much a board game but more a history kit for the serious gamer.

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