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Your goal in Brass is to build cotton mills, coal mines, iron works, canals, railways, ports, and shipyards, and to have them be used so that they score points. Your choices will be limited by the cards you draw, but not as much as by the plans you make. Lots of interesting detail in the historical Lancashire setting.


2007: Jogo do Ano (game of the year)

Microbadges: mb mb mb mbmb mb mb mb mb mb / mb

Originally released at Essen 2007.

1 - Gameboard
1 - Rulebook
4 - Counter sheets
8 - Player wooden discs (4x2 - one set per player)
66 - Cards (distribution below)
30 - Black coal cubes
25 - Orange iron cubes
1 - Black marker
100 - Plastic coins
7 - Plastic storage bags
12 - Distant Market tiles

The counter sheets contain:
4x12 - Cotton Mill counters (one set per player)
4x8 - Port counters (one set per player)
4x7 Coal Mine counters (one set per player)
4x6 - Shipyard counters (one set per player)
4x4 - Iron Foundry counters (one set per player)
4x14 - Canal/Rail counters (one set per player)
4x2 - Victory Point counters (one set per player)

Card Distribution:
8 - cotton mills
6 - ports
5 - coal
4 - Manchester, Liverpool
3 - iron works, shipyards, Preston, Lancaster
2 - Macclesfield, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Burnley, Barrow-in-Furness, Birkenhead, Warrington & Runcorn, Wigan, Blackburn, Colne, Bolton
1 - Ellesmere Port, Fleetwood, Bury

For the Location Cards: As a rule of thumb, there is an equal amount of location cards in the deck as there are industry spaces in that location. Exceptions are: Rochdale (-1), Bury (-1), Bolton (-1), Blackburn (-1), Birkenhead (+1), Lancaster (+1).

Box size:
31.7 x 22.7 x 5.3 (cm)

Online Play

  • Brass online (see weblinks)

Standalone Play, no AI

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