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Triassic Terror

Triassic Terror

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Starting with just one herd in the swamp in Triassic Terror, players must establish new herds and grow them into larger herds, which will then migrate across the four pre-historic landscapes present, competing for the best habitats. This primaeval world is, however, full of danger. Players' dinosaurs will fall prey to the mighty T-Rex, marauding Velociraptors, and swooping Pterodactyls. Erupting volcanoes will devastate some areas and fill the skies with ash, making the affected area almost unlivable. The player who best avoids these terrors and maintains the largest herds across all four environments will win the game.


  • 1 prehistoric island game board
  • 6 Player dinosaurs, 6 Player T-Rexes (one for each player) & 6 scoring markers,
  • 1 Game T-Rex & 2 velociraptor figures
  • 1 pterodactyl token
  • 1 turn & 1 start player marker
  • 12 volcano & 12 hatch counters
  • 1 set-up & 3 player aid charts
  • 120 wooden dino meeples
  • 78 3-dino discs
  • 6 action tiles
  • 28 environment cards
  • Rulebook

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