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Random Encounter: Plains Of The Troll King

Random Encounter: Plains Of The Troll King

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Random Encounter is a strategic, number based, pixel art card game for all ages. Players build 'encounters' made up of various creatures and to try and win as many battles as possible at the table in the pursuit of loot! Each fully customisable deck is made up of basic number creature cards along with several trick creature cards to throw your opponents off guard. 2 or more players compete to reach 5 loot before other players by either winning the most battles or stealing loot from the coffers of their fallen enemies. The game and pixel art is being created by Jamie Keddie (Creator of Jackpot! and artist on Minecraft: Console Editions) of Joyride Games who has extensive experience with both card and video games design. Random Encounter combines these things in a new, fun, package for everyone to enjoy! The game also contains a 1 player 'adventure' mode where the player trys to find keys so that they can open a boss room and defeat the 'final encounter'. Random Encounter is scheduled for release by IDW Games in April 2016.

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