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Catan: Traders & Barbarians: 5-6 Player Extension

Catan: Traders & Barbarians: 5-6 Player Extension

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Now five to six players jump in on the new adventures taking place on the island of Catan. The expansion includes new scenarios and opens up roads to even greater wealth or bitter poverty for up to six players.

Belongs to the Catan series.

Here what you'll find in the box:

= Fishermen of Catan

2 fishing zones (numbers 5 and 9)
1 lake tile (numbers 4 and 10)
14 fish tiles (4x 1 fish, 5x 2 fish, 5x 3 fish)
2 reference cards

= The Rivers of Catan

1 new river tile (pasture, pasture, mountain)
3 plastic brown bridges
3 plastic green bridges
2 cards "Poorest Settler"
10 plastic gold coins (5x value 1, 5x value 5)

= The Caravan

1 extra oasis tile (back of lake tile)
11 extra plastic camels

= The Barbarian Invasion

1 extra fortress tile
12 extra plastic barbarians
6 plastic brown knights (horses)
6 plastic green knights (horses)

= Traders and Barbarians

2 extra border pieces (size "1")
1 extra castle tile (back of fortress tile)
2 extra quarry tiles
2 extra glass hut tiles
1 plastic brown tross wagon
1 plastic green tross wagon
18 trade good counters (6 for each destination tile)
5 brown tross cards
5 green tross cards
12 extra development cards

= Other

1 rulebook (6 pages of box size explaining all additional rules)

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