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Pirate Den

Pirate Den

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Pirate Den is a pirate-themed bluffing game for 3 to 5 players ages 14 and up that plays in less than 30 minutes. It's ideal for casual gamers looking for a fun time as well as deeper strategy players looking for a quick filler. Adding rum to the mix makes for a great evening of gaming with a truly fun and engaging pirate theme!It's the golden age of sail and each player takes on the role of legendary pirate captains plundering the seas. The British East Indies Company the Dutch East Indies Company and the Spanish-Portuguese Empire are sailing the high seas heavily laden with cash from their colonies. They're easy pickings for a famous and daring pirate like yourself! The trick is that while pirates can plunder ships at sea they can also steal from other pirates. This exciting dynamic makes Pirate Den an addicting game of greed and betrayal.How to Play:At the beginning of the game every player is given a player mat a matching pirate deck and five random treasure tokens. Draw out a number of random treasure tokens (18 21 or 25) depending on the number of players (3 4 or 5 respectively) and organize each into piles of their matching colour (each treasure token is a specific colour representing the booty from one of the three empires mentioned above).Simultaneously each player will select an action card from their deck and place it face down. When everyone is ready they reveal their cards and then resolve all the actions according to the initiative value of that card (0 1 2 etc). If players take from the same pool of treasure they split the reward evenly leaving any remainders in the middle. All the used action cards are then put aside and cannot be used again until the Bury action card is played at which point all previously discarded action cards can be reclaimed to the players hand.The action cards are as follows starting from the lowest initiative and moving to the highest (order in which they would be resolved during play).0 - You can bury some of your treasure giving you a buried treasure token worth 10 points. This token is also considered hidden and cannot be stolen by the other players. You can bury 10 treasure tokens of the same colour or 3 treasure tokens of each of the 3 colours (for a total of 9). You can bury as many times as your treasure tokens will allow. In addition you get to reclaim any previous used action cards for future turns.1 - Take all of one treasure token colour from the middle pool. The colour you take will depend on the card played. A red initiative 1 card will take the red treasure tokens for example.2 - Take all of two treasure token colours from the middle pool. The colour you take will depend on the card played. A red and blue initiative 2 card will take the red and blue treasure tokens for example. If another player has already taken one (or both) of those colours youre out of luck.3 - Claim all remaining treasure tokens in the middle pool. If the other players decide to bury their treasure that turn you could end up with a large take.4 - Steal all of one treasure token colour from another player. The colour you take will depend on the card played. A red initiative 4 card will steal the red treasure tokens for example. The player who has the largest pool of that colour is the one you steal from.Play continues until a player has at least five buried treasures at the end of a turn. After counting up all your treasures the pirate with the most points wins.

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