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Walled City

Walled City

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The name of the game is Walled City attributed to the Battle of Troy.

Walled City is a simple strategy breakthrough game in which two players try to bring their Trojan Horse, the largest tile, pass completely the opponent's inner wall to the City of Troy. There are 4 small red tiles that are placed in the center of the table to form the wall. The side of the wall facing each player is their inner wall.

Both players have 13 pieces, divided into three types: the Trojan Horse (1 big square tile), the cavalry unit ( 2 of 1x1 tiles, 2 of 2x1 tiles, 2 of 1x2 tiles) and the infrantry unit (2 of 1x1 tiles, 2 of 2x1 tiles, 2 of 1x2 tiles). The players start by placing first the Trojan Horse orthogonally adjacent to their inner wall touching either one or two red wall tiles followed by placing any one tile orthogonally adjacent to any side of their own Trojan Horse as long as it does not touch any side of the wall. After which, players then take turn to either place or move any of their tiles. The Trojan Horse can move one space or jump once. The cavalry unit can move up to three spaces.The infantry unit can move one space or jump once or slide. Each piece must link to another piece at all time and at least one side of the Trojan Horse piece must be free after each turn.

The game ends with the first Trojan Horse to get into the city of Troy.

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