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Amidst the outbreak of a deadly virus, millions of people struggle to escape infection. Evacuation protocols have been activated. The federal government, strapped for resources due to the infection`s spread, has paired your team with officials from Raxxon Pharmaceuticals. Raxxon`s ample resources are necessary, but can they be trusted? Gather your team and protect the living with Raxxon, a challenging cooperative game where you and your team desperately search the crowd for survivors to evacuate and infected to quarantine (or kill!). To succeed, you`ll have to control the crowd and keep innocents out of harm`s way. But, be careful. Every action you take has unintended consequences that could spin the situation even further out of control. Ultimately, the choices you make determine the fate of humanity in Raxxon! Raxxon comes with two exclusive Dead of Winter characters that can be used with Dead of Winter or Dead of Winter: The Long Night.

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