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Bring out yer dead

Bring out yer dead

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Bring Out Yer Dead is a morbid game of grave family plots.As the head of your family you must get the dying members of your family into the best plots in the city's newest cemetery. Each day the Grave Keeper will bring the cart around the city and you must vie to get your family members in the cart before other families do. But be careful! The Grave Keeper is a lazy guy and any coffins he can't fit in the cart will be tossed aside in the river he'll never bother to bury them at all!Get your recently departed family members buried in the best plots in the cemetery to gain influence in the city. You may even have to resort to some early morning grave swapping. Or you could just rob the graves of all the jewelry you can dig up...it isn't like hey're going to need it anyway! Influence is everything! The player with the most influence at the end of the game is the winner.With over 90 French tarot-sized cards 40 wooden coffin tokens and a double-sided game board Bring Out Yer Dead will offer 2-4 player an average of 40-minutes of macabre fun! Bring Out Yer Dead is an easy-to-learn Euro-style board game for the whole family...albeit the slightly twisted family.

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