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Clue: The Office

Clue: The Office

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Play as one of six characters from The Office, as their boss Michael Scott forces them to play a real-life game of Clue to determine who killed the HR rep, Toby. Gameplay is similar to standard Clue, with special "intrigue cards" new to the game.

Intrigue cards come in two varieties: Clocks and Keepers. They are obtained in one of three ways: rolling a question mark on the included custome dice, landing on a question mark on the board, or if your character is moved to a room as part of someone starting a rumor (equivalent to Clue's "making a suggestion.") The first two situations incur a forced draw, while the third is optional. There are eight clock cards in the intrigue deck, and if you draw the eighth card then you automatically lose. Keepers give a one-time bonus that allow you to slightly alter some of the game's parameters...risk of drawing a clock; potential reward of benefiting from a keeper.

Additionally, each of the six characters have a "personality card" which alows for a one-time power. For example, Dwight's reads: "Once per game, you may move twice. Roll the dice, move, then roll again."

The winner gets "an extra week of vacation" from Michael Scott!

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