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Neuroshima Hex! -  2nd Edition

Neuroshima Hex! - 2nd Edition

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Neuroshima Hex is a strategy game placed in a post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima (a Polish RPG). Each player leads one of four armies: Borgo, Hegemonia (Hegemony), Moloch and Posterunek (Outpost). Each army deck consists of 34 tiles - soldiers, support tiles and special actions. You win when you destroy all enemy H.Q. or your H.Q. is the least damaged one at the end.A second edition of the game was released at Essen 2007 with updated graphics and a new, larger board. A special Essen pack sold there also included the Neuroshima Hex! - Doomsday Machine fifth army expansion.French edition, released in 2008, includes in addition 4 Mercenary tiles.Home Page: http://hex.neuroshima.org/ (Polish) Home Page: http://www.neuroshima.fr (French) - BoardGameGeek

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