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Proroctvi (Prophecy) is a Talisman-style game by the Czech game designer Vladimir Chvatil. The players represent fantasy characters on their route through the land full of adventure with a goal of grabbing ancient artifacts from the claws of demons guarding surrounding astral realms. The one holding four out of five hidden artifacts is the winner and a next king of the land. Imagine the Talisman style of moving your character around the gameboard, this time not by dice rolling, but by using different means of transport. The game includes a system of experience and loads of skills and spells your character can learn on various spaces of the land. Of course, there are quite a large number of monsters that you can meet and fight and many random events that you might face. The system of combat is also interesting - after you lose the fight or you cast a spell, your strength or your willpower declines until it is recharged by some healing. - BoardGameGeek

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