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Vikings is a fast economic game. Despite the nominal "Viking" theme, no actual exploration or pillage is involved.

The resources in the game consist of coins and several types of ship tiles, island tiles and meeples. In each of 6 rounds, a random set of 12 tiles and 12 meeples becomes available. Players take turns buying and placing pairs of meeples and tiles. There is no direct player interaction, only indirect contention for resources during the buying phase.

The most unusual aspect of the game is the pricing wheel, which pairs meeples with tiles and sets their prices.


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  • 1 game board with wheel
  • 8 player markers (2 each in ivory, orange, light brown and brown)
  • 1 start player figure
  • 4 player bases (homeland)
  • 4 scoring summaries
  • 45 coins (10 x 10 gold,15 x 5 gold and 20 x 1 gold coins)
  • 1 cloth sack
  • 78 wooden vikings (13 each in the colors blue, yellow, green, red, black, gray)
  • 76 tiles (62 island tiles and 14 ship tiles, among them 4 start tiles with different back-side graphics)
  • 25 special tiles for the »progress version«
  • rule booklet
  • extra page with progress rules

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