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TIE Advanced (Star Wars X- Wing)

TIE Advanced (Star Wars X- Wing)

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Game description from the publisher:

A noted improvement on the widely used TIE fighter, this fighter features shielding and better weapons, like lethal cluster missiles. This TIE fighter variant is produced in very limited numbers and flown only by experienced pilots. The TIE Advanced x1 Prototype was infamously flown by Darth Vader in the battle of Yavin.

Control the legendary Darth Vader or choose from three additional pilots with the TIE Advanced Expansion Pack. Resourceful and merciless, Vader is so skilled that he performs multiple actions in the same time that other pilots perform one! Upgrade Vader's ship with powerful cluster or concussion missiles, and demolish even the toughest enemies.


Pilot Cards

  • Darth Vader
  • Maarek Stele
  • Storm Squadron Pilot
  • Tempest Squadron Pilot


Upgrade Cards

  • Concussion Missiles
  • Cluster Missiles
  • Squad Leader
  • Swarm Tactics
  • Expert Handling

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