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Y-Wing (Star Wars X- Wing)

Y-Wing (Star Wars X- Wing)

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Game description from the publisher:

Although slower and less maneuverable than the X-Wing, the Y-Wing makes up for its shortcomings with superior armament, armor, and shielding. In addition to its other weapons, the Y-Wing makes use of an ion cannon that is capable of disabling enemy ships without destroying them. The staple of the Rebellion until the arrival of the X-Wing, this craft is still known as one of the most durable starfighters in the galaxy.

If you are looking to add a rugged fighter to your squadron, look no further than the Y-Wing Expansion Pack, which includes Rebel squadron leader Horton Salm and three additional pilots. Designated as Gray Leader during the Battle of Endor, Salm is a crack shot, and even from long distances, he can nail his target. Upgrade his ship with an ion cannon, and temporarily gain the upper hand by incapacitating enemy ships.


Pilot Cards

  • Horton Salm
  • "Dutch" Vander
  • Gray Squadron Pilot
  • Gold Squadron Pilot


Upgrade Cards

  • Proton Torpedoes x2
  • Ion Cannon Turret
  • R5-D8
  • R2 Astromech

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