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#236 - Gundam Wing - XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms: Colonies Liberation Organization Suit

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  • Gundam Heavyarms
    • Army Knife
  • Beam Gatling Gun
  • Right open hand
  • 1 pair of angled holding hands (optional)

Kit Features & Gimmicks


  • The head can swivel/tilt on a double-sided ball-joint neck.
  • The torso can...
    • Tilt frontwards/backwards and/or sideways on a double ball-and-socket joint construction, though a very limited manner.
    • Further tilt frontwards via a unique waist joint.
  • Shoulder joints can swing frontwards.
  • The arms can...
    • Swivel on a ball-and-socket joint.
    • Raise horizontally.
  • The upper arms can rotate.
  • The arms and legs feature double-jointed elbow and knee parts.
  • The manipulators can swivel on a ball-and-socket joint.
  • The waist can rotate 360 degrees.
  • The front, side and rear skirt armors are poseable to avoid interference with the leg's articulation.
  • The hip joint axis can swing frontwards.
  • The upper thighs can swing frontward/backward on a peg, raise horizontally and/or rotate on each piece.
  • The ankles can tilt sideways and/or pivot back and forth.
  • The front feet can pivot backwards.

Weapons/Other Gimmicks

  • The right hand (all hands if you build the optional angled hand parts) is swappable.
  • Chest & front arm panels can open to reveal built-in weapons (Chest Gatling Guns & Shoulder Missiles)
  • Beam Gatling Gun can optionally replace the left arm (removal of the left hand is needed)
    • Beam Gatling Gun's handle can flip out.
  • Beam Gatling Gun can store onto the left side of the backpack via an adapter.
  • The Army Knife on the right forearm can be flipped out.
  • Gundam Heavyarms can mount onto the Action Bases (Sold separately)

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