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Psychic Force 2012

Psychic Force 2012

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Taito enters the Dreamcast market with a fighter that pits futuristic warriors against one another in a weightless cube. You can choose from ten warriors that bear the names Might, Wendy, Regina, Carlo, Patty, Setsuna, Gudeath, Gates, Genshin, and Emilio. One mode of play is a story mode that puts the character you choose into a thin storyline involving all of the characters. Other modes include the traditional VS mode, Arcade mode, and Training mode. The difference between this game and past fighters is in the actual play mechanics.

Rather than structure itself in a typical 2D or 3D environment, Psychic Force goes on to add other variables. Aside from moving left, right, backward, and forward, the user is also allowed to move up and down. Battlefields appear to be the inside of a cube. The playing field is without gravity, therefore all possible angles of attack exist. 

Each fighter is equipped with a weapon that will burst across the playing field at a moment's notice. The characters are able to dash away or block in order to escape an oncoming attack. In close quarters, attacks transfer to kicks and punches rather than energy blasts. Each fighter carries energy weapons, and when depleted they must recharge their energy in order to fire once again. Two separate meters represent the energy and life meters. Fights will continue until the proper number of rounds has been won.