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Starsky & Hutch

Starsky & Hutch

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Driving games are about to get a lot funkier. Based on the 70's television show, Starsky & Hutch will be careening to a home console near you this fall. Race through Bay City in Starsky's bright red Ford Torino, while Hutch takes aim at criminals with his .357 Magnum - but don't go thinking this will be a joy ride! If your driving and shooting skills can't keep the TV audience on the edge of their sofas, your ratings will plummet, the show will be cancelled, and it's game over!

* Over 150 miles of Bay City roads to explore.

* 18 episodes (levels) spread over three seasons.

* Two-player cooperative allows one player to drive while the other shoots. Play together with two controllers or a steering wheel and a light gun.

* Voice-overs by TV show regular cast member Antonio Fargas, aka Huggy Bear.

* Wild power-ups can increase vehicle performance, cause story events, and improve weapon power.

* A host of unlockable vehicles, weapons, and extras maximize replayability.

* Advanced car physics and real-time city environments make the action intense as can be.

* Authentic sound effects and original music help the streets come alive.

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